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Take Away

A service inspired to the ancient Tuscan tradition, when farmers’ life was adapted to nature’s rhythms…

Long time ago, especially in summer, when the working days were very long and farmers’ job was particularly hard and tiring, men, in order to avoid time wasting, didn’t go back home for lunch. During the cereal harvest season, that usually took place in a yard not far from house, women brought recently cooked or baked meal to workers providing a kind of rustic homemade catering service. Most of the times, the work place was not so close to the house, so workers put their food in a basket or wrapped it in a towel in the morning and brought it with them. At 12 o’clock they sat under a tree, and they consumed their deserved meal.
Our take away service is inspired to this ancient tradition and it offers to our guests the chance to have their lunch where and at when they want and they can choose from different homemade dishes prepared with traditional local recipes. It is a good option for those people who want to spend all day at the beach, or for those who want to take an all-day excursion, a trekking route or for those people who want to feel like the ancient Tuscan farmers for a day!!
We will offer different dishes every day and guests will have a wide variety of options: Salads, pasta, wheat or rice, fruit and other delicious traditional meal.

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